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05 May 14 - Mascot Hire Rotherham, Sheffield

Mascot hire Rotherham Sheffield offered by Cream castles bouncy castle hire in Rotherham. We would like to announce the arrival of two new mascots, Mickey & Minnie. The mascots are available to hire immediatley and would be a fantastic addition to any party, along with one of our inflatables.

The mascots are priced at £50 each, per 30 minutes. The mascots will come along to your party, meet and greet, pose for photos, join in with any games you have at your party.

Mascots will also play pass the parcel or bring a birthday present. Which can be provided at extra cost. For pass the parcel you will need to provide the music and will also need to play/pause the music during the game. For a birthday present, we will ask at the time of booking the gender of your child. We can then provide a birthday present to suit a boy or girl.

Our mascots love to dance and have fun, joining in with any celebrations. Our mascots are also available on their own, without a bouncy castle to any party. Simply call us with the details of your venue. Our mascots can come along to anywhere your party is being held.

Mascots are a great way to surprise your little one and make your day more magical. So why not add something a little special to the day with our mascot hire and watch your child’s face light up when Mickey or Minnie comes to visit.

*Update* We have now added a huge selection of mascots to our variety. Cream castles, mascot hire Rotherham, Sheffield now have frozen mascots available including, Elsa, Anna and Olaf. We have also added Spiderman, Minions, Ben 10, Upsy daisy, Iggle piggle, Dora the explorer, Ninja turtles and many more.

if you need mascot hire Rotherham, Sheffield and surrounding areas then give Cream Castles a call.

Mascot hire Rotherham, Sheffield.

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