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01 March 15 - Circus Party, Rotherham, Sheffield

Circus Party, Rotherham, Sheffield.

Cream Castles have added an exciting new range of parties for you and our circus themed is just one of many. Does your child enjoy the circus? Then this package is definitely for your little one. A two hour party hosted by our talented performer. Who will teach your children the art of juggling, plate spinning, diabolo and lots more.

If that alone wasn’t enough we also include a mini disco for everyone to dance around and have fun. A craft session, making a clown bow tie or animal mask and circus face painting. Once your children have learnt the arts and fun of the circus. We then get your children, to put on their own circus show for the parents. I’m sure everyone will be amazed at their children’s new talents by the end of the party.

Our circus parties are great fun for all the children and parents too. Children of all ages love the circus, so why not have their very own personal circus themed party. Our circus party package is £150 for a two hour hosted party. We cover a 15 mile radius of S60 postcode free and a small fuel cost outside this area. This is a very unique party and very different to any old party at a fantastic price too.

So what are you waiting for? If you love the circus then you will love this circus themed party. Call us on 07895 549 539 or email for more details. We have a huge range of parties if this party isn’t to your taste, just click on packages to find out more.

Circus party Rotherham.

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