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03 March 17 - The inspiring story of Daniel Warren Bostock

Daniel Warren Bostock was born at 4.35am on Thursday 10th November 2016 to parents Jodie and Warren. Daniels birth wasn't any ordinary straight forward delivery. This was the start of an uphill struggle Daniel and his parents would have to endure. A heartfelt story that has touched the hearts of many, including myself and my partner.

Daniel was born unexpectedly by C-section and didn't breath for the first 25 minutes of his life. Due to the length of time Daniel wasn't breathing, this caused severe brain damage to Daniel and he was diagnosed with Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy. Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy or HIE for short is damage to the brain when deprived of oxygen.

Daniels chances of survival were slim to non, ​Jodie and Warren was advised by the consultant that significant brain damage had been caused and the option to remove his life support was given to them. The option to have Daniel christened was also given, so Jodie and Warren gathered all the family and friends for Daniels christening.

Warren and Jodie didn't want to give up on their Son Daniel and chose to have Daniel given specialist treatment at Jessops hospital in Sheffield. This process was specialist cooling treatment, this treatment involves cooling the body temperature to 33.5 degrees Celsius for 72 hours to allow the brain and body to rest.

Daniel remained on a ventilator until 14th November 2016 when Jodie and Warren had to make the decision to turn off the ventilator to see if Daniel could breath unaided. Warren and Jodie were told Daniel may not breathe or may only breathe for a few hours or at the most only weeks. Warren and Jodie prepared for the worst and said their goodbyes to Daniel and held him while the ventilation tube was removed.

The heart wrenching moment was upon them and they waited and waited for Daniel to breathe.........

Suddenly, Daniel started to breathe unaided and Jodie and Warren sat for hours watching Daniel continue to make breathing efforts on his own. A huge triumph in the battle Daniel and his parents was about to face. Over the coming weeks, Daniel would be struck down with pneumonia twice and a collapsed lung.

Jodie and Warren were once again told to prepare for the worst and to say goodbye to Daniel. However little Daniel had other plans and wasn't about to give up. He continued to fight whatever came his way and three weeks later was transferred back to Doncaster hospital. Spending another four weeks there and was eventually to arrive home on the 27th December.

​Team Daniel

Myself and my partner had first learned about Daniel and his story from his Facebook page named Team Daniel. Rebecca was to follow this heartfelt story very closely and inspired us as a family. This may sound like a cliche but the things we all take for granted in this life are the most important parts of life itself. Our children just like anyones are the most important gifts in life anyone could ever ask for.

Daniels story has touched the hearts of many, with a large Facebook following and hundreds of heart warming messages on each and every update that is posted. Rebecca began to speak to Warren and Jodie on a personal level and felt very compassionate about Daniel and the level of togetherness as a family was to inspire us immensely.

Daniel was to have his official christening on Sunday 26th February at St Georges Minister, Doncaster. Rebecca noticed the christening through following Team Daniel. Jodie and Warren invited Daniels Facebook following to celebrate their sons christening. Although Daniel had been christened in hospital, Warren and Jodie wanted to have a special and happy occasion for Daniel that wasn't surrounded by the dramatic events in hospital.

Warren and Jodie was inspired by the level of support and compassion from Daniels Facebook following. This was to be one of the reasons why they wanted to invite Daniels following. During the darkest moments through Daniels battle for life, they turned to this Facebook following and read messages of support which helped them through these dark moments.

Often through difficult times like these, siblings can feel helpless and a little abandoned. As a family we wanted to give a gift to Daniel and his brother Luke to help Luke feel special too. We run our own bouncy castle hire business in Rotherham and we also supply character mascots and felt a couple of mascots to attend Daniels christening would help make the day special.

Spiderman and Ironman attended Daniels christening and the fun times began. Our entertainer Ryan also attended Daniels christening and introduced Spiderman and Ironman to Daniel, Luke and all the guests. Luke was invited up to the front of all the guests to meet his favourite superheroes and receive a gift from them.

There were lots of photo opportunities for all the guests and the superheroes walked around introducing themselves to everyone. Ryan also performed balloon modelling and face painting for all the children at Daniels christening. The superheroes had lots of fun with the ballon swords, fighting each other and all the children joined in.

Daniels story includes a huge rollercoaster of emotion, despair, anger, worry, sadness and better emotions of compassion, love and affection. I can only begin to imagine the emotional rollercoaster Warren, Jodie, Luke and all their family has had to endure. Daniel is going to face lots of battles in his life and will always need support along the way.

If you have been inspired by Daniels story just like me and my family and would like to help Daniels family to raise funds for his care. You can donate to Daniels just giving page by clicking the highlighted direct link.

That you for reading and any support you can give.

Daniel Bostock

Jodie & Warren Bostock

Luke Bostock

Daniels cake

Spiderman and Ironman

Spiderman and Ironman entertainers

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