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17 October 14 - Balloon Modelling, Rotherham, Sheffield

A brand new service is being offered from Cream Castles right now. If you don’t know about it, then you have come to the right place. Ballon modelling has progressed over the years, and some of the creations produced these days are simply brilliant.

Cream Castles feels we have a very talented lady onboard our team. Who produces some excellent deigns, and all the kids love them. From Frozen characters to Ninja Turtles, Disney characters, she can do them all. Ballon modelling is a fantastic add on to any party.

All the kids faces light up when they see the creations our balloon modeller can produce. If you are looking for ballon modelling in the South Yorkshire area then give us a call on 07895 549 539 and Cream Castles can take care of all your party needs.

balloon modelling Rotherham

Cream castles also offer Mascot hire.

Balloon modelling Rotherham, Sheffield.

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