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Health & Safety

Cream castles demonstrate strict health & safety practices and follow guidelines set by the health and safety executive for inflatable play equipment. Bouncy castles and inflatable products are lots of fun but can be very dangerous if set up incorrectly or do not conform to bs en 14960 industry standards. This ensures the bouncy castle is built to rigorous standards for the safety of ourselves and our customers.

Health & Safety at work act 1974

Every bouncy castle hirer in the UK is subject to the health and safety at work act 1974. This means the operator, hirer and any employees should do everything possible to ensure safe us of the equipment at all times.


Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations, require all inflatable equipment MUST be tested annually by a competent person. This ensures the inflatable equipment is fit for purpose and complies to bs en 14960 standards.

Inflatable testing

There are a number of testing bodies inflatable hirers can use within the industry to test their equipment. ADIPS and PIPA are two testing bodies for inflatable play equipment and are industry recognised.

Cream castles use PIPA for our inflatable testing unless the equipment is under 12 months old and is covered by manufacturer testing. Once the equipment is on the PIPA register, all details of the inflatable can be brought up online.

Risk assessments

Managing the health and safety of ​any business must control the risks in ​the workplace. risks are assessed by thinking about what might cause harm to people and decide whether reasonable steps are taken to prevent harm. This is known as risk assessment and it is something ​that is required by law to carry out.

A visual risk assessment is suffice for a small garden hire and no paperwork is needed. However for large events Cream castles have a check list which is signed by ourselves and any event organiser on the day of the event.

Method statements

This is not lawfully required to be carried out, however we have method statements to ensure all our employees have a good knowledge and understanding of safe set up and supervision of all our inflatable equipment.

Public liability insurance

This again is not lawfully required, however we want to ensure all our customers that we have full public liability cover with an indemnity of 5 million pounds backed by a major insurer.