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07 April 13 - Charity Cricket Match, Clifton Lane, Rotherham

Cream castles recently teamed up with Rotherham hospice charity and Rotherham town cricket club for a charity cricket match. The match was held at Clifton Lane Rotherham,Cricket Ground which also hosts the Rotherham Titans Rugby Club.

There were various celebrity names playing in the match which included Howard Webb, Ronnie Moore, John Breckin to name just a few. The day started with the fabulous sunshine although at times the players must have been sweltering in the heat.

The Rotherham United and Rotherham Hospice mascots also managed the whole day in their outfits. So credit goes to those two for managing to keep it up throughout the day. Cream castles are very proud of our support for local charities and was happy that one of our bouncy castles featured at this event.

Altogether the day was a great success down at clifton lane Rotherham, with £4,450 raised for Rotherham hospice. So a massive pat on the back for everyone involved and Cream castles would like to thank everyone for letting us be part of this amazing day.

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