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23 December 16 - Sheffield Children's Hospital Christmas Party

Cream Castles try to get involved with charity fundraising as much as possible. Our inflatable equipment and various other services are a great tool to raise funds for charity.

One charity which has touched our hearts this year was PACT – the Parents Association of Children with Tumours and Leukaemia. PACT Sheffield has achieved tremendous things in support of Sheffield Children's Hospital.

Cancer is a terrible ordeal for anyone to face and affects the lives of so many. Most can say they have been directly affected by cancer or at least know someone who has. Cancer in children is particularly heart wrenching, no child should ever have to face such a tough and unforgiving journey.

Every family of a sick child has to face an emotionally and financially exhausting time, that can last for years. Daily hospital trips and long stays in hospital, whilst trying to keep jobs and careers and holding everything together. Whilst their child is undergoing harsh but potentially life saving treatments.

Cream Castles was approached by PACT Sheffield to provide our services to sick children on ward M3 at Sheffield Children's Hospitals Christmas party. We were all too happy to help in any way we could. To try and bring a smile to every child possible and help them forget about what they were facing, even if it was just for a little while.

Cream Castles provided Rebecca, Ryan & Stacey to perform balloon modelling, along with face painting and glitter tattoos throughout the party. This was a very overwhelming but rewarding task for all those involved. Lots of balloons were made along with plenty of face painting, which brought a smile to many young faces and parents too.

Santa visited the ward and brought some lovely gifts for all the children, provided by PACT. This was all filmed by Calendar ITV News to generate awareness of what efforts this excellent charity does for the children on the cancer ward.

PACT Sheffield are a fabulous charity that provide many other services and support for the cancer ward throughout the year. PACT is run by parents who are passionate about giving the right support to each individual age group. Babies, toddlers, infants, teens and siblings all have different needs, understandings and concerns.

The support of these groups is a fundamental part of the charity work involved. PACT House is accommodation provided by the charity to give respite for families. Facing the challenge of needing to be close to the hospital. Often for days, weeks or months at a time, whilst their child is undergoing treatment and a frightening time for everyone.

PACT Provide holidays for children off treatment or the bereaved in their caravan at Filey or Berwick-upon-Tweed. Often treatment for Leukaemia can last 2 - 3 years and holidays have to be cancelled if the child picks up infection and needs to go to hospital. A short break for families is a great respite, when holidays simply can't be afforded.

Fundraising is always needed to keep these services provided at the continued level of support PACT gives. Cream Castles will be offering our support on more levels throughout 2017 and beyond. If you would like to donate to this amazing charity you can do so on their just giving page or text PACT66 followed by the amount to 70070 e.g. 'PACT66 £2'

Cream Castles would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a full recovery to all on ward M3. Also a massive well done for all the support from PACT and the continued level of support you provide.

Sheffield Children's hospital patientSheffield Children's hospital patient

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