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24 January 17 - Choosing the right bouncy castle to hire for your party

Cream castles have hired many, many bouncy castles across Rotherham, Sheffield and South Yorkshire. So we like to think we have good knowledgeable advice when it comes to bouncy castle hire. There are many factors to take into account, when making a decision about which inflatable to hire from Cream castles bouncy castle hire.

Looking through our range of inflatables and party rental equipment can seem a bit of a daunting task. Hopefully I can give some good pointers in this post. To help you on your way to choosing the right bouncy castle to hire for your party. Read on for more in depth detail on all our party rental equipment.

Party theme

Many children's parties follow a particular theme, for example Superhero parties for boys and Princess parties for girls. There's lots more themes I could mention but for the purpose of this post, we'll stick with Superheroes and Princesses.

These two themes are probably the most popular party theme in our experience of hiring bouncy castles. Every little boy loves to be his favourite Superhero and every little girl wants to be a beautiful princess.

Cream castles bouncy castle hire has some fantastic quality themes on our bouncy castles. Our superhero themed bouncy castle is tremendously popular with customers in the Rotherham and Sheffield area.

This inflatable features the most popular superheroes around. Spiderman, Captain America, Ironman and Hulk are just a few of the Avengers characters featured on the digital artwork.

So if you are hosting a superhero party in Rotherham or Sheffield. This superhero inflatable is the best option to choose for you superhero themed party.

This leads us onto Princess themed parties in Rotherham and Sheffield. Lots of little girls across South Yorkshire want to be a Princess and aspire to all the princess characters we see in the movies. Cinderella, Belle, Elsa and Aurora are just a few of the many Princesses around today.

Cream castles have a beautiful Princess themed bouncy castle for hire in Sheffield, Rotherham and all South Yorkshire. The bouncy castle is pink and purple in colour, with lots of favourite princess characters on the digital artwork.

Our Princess themed bouncy castle is a perfect choice for any princess themed party.

Age of your child and guests

Deciding what party equipment to hire can be stressful and the age of your child and guests are a factor to consider. Using a bouncy castle for a party is a good choice, however safety should always be considered.

Keeping different age groups apart whilst bouncing on an inflatable is an important safety aspect. Where all children are similar ages and height, this obviously is no issue.

Here's what you can do when varying age groups will attend your party. Consider rental equipment that will suit all age groups. Our soft play and bouncy castle packages are perfect for varying age groups.

Featuring lots of soft play shapes and a ball pool all placed on safety foam matting. You also have a good-sized bouncy castle included in the package for the older guests.

Our inflatable play park is another great example of an inflatable to suit varying age groups. Our inflatable play park features a ball pool with air jugglers, a small bouncy castle and a small slide. All this is surrounded by inflatable walls with only one entrance in and out of the inflatable play park.

For any parties with similar age groups, our inflatable range covers all ages from tots to adults. Our varying themes also suit many different tastes and budgets.

Party location

Most bouncy castle hire parties are situated outdoors on a grassed area. Through the summer months this is the most popular location for a bouncy castle. So what do we do if your child really wants a bouncy castle for their winter party?

Well, there are some fantastic solutions to this problem. All our inflatable equipment is available to hire indoors on a hard surface. Village halls, Church halls, and school gymnasiums are a number of places you can host an inflatable party in Sheffield and Rotherham.

All you need to do is make sure when you're hiring a particular venue. You check the dimensions needed for the bouncy castle, especially ceiling heights, taking into account any hanging light fittings. No more boring winter parties, limited to the same play centre every year.

Our disco inflatables are a great choice for winter indoor parties. The light show from the disco bouncy castles is accentuated when indoors as lighting can be dimmed down to increase the effects.

However outdoors on a grassed area remains the stand out choice for an inflatable bouncy castle party. Cream castles can situate our inflatable equipment on hard standing outdoors but many safety factors come into play.

The inflatable must be drilled and anchored to the hard flooring at every anchor point. Some surfaces are too soft for our anchorage to get hold in the ground properly. Concrete is always the safest surface area, when anchoring our inflatables to hard surfaces outdoors.

Wind speeds play a big part in anchoring inflatable's to hard surfaces outdoors; this is the reason we need to do this. Any inflatable should never be erected outdoors in wind speeds exceeding 24mph.

All anchor points on an inflatable should always be used and hard standing outdoors is no exception. 163 kg per anchor point is the required weight or force equal to this, to be sufficient enough to hold the inflatable in high winds.

Anyone erecting an inflatable on hard standing without correct anchorage is putting your children's safety AT RISK! I cannot stress this enough and the reason Cream castles use this anchorage method. We would NEVER risk injury or death to any of our customer's children, so please bear this in mind when hiring an inflatable.

Style of inflatable

Inflatables come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, with varying themes. Our most popular children's bouncy castles for hire in Sheffield is our 12ft x 15ft A frames.

These inflatables come in a variety of themes, Peppa pig bouncy castles, Princess bouncy castles and Superhero bouncy castles to name a few. Cream castles have party themes that will be suitable for many different age groups of boys and girls.

Continuing with children's bouncy castles, we have a variety of bouncy castles with slides available for hire. You will be surprised at all the extra fun your children will have with an added slide to an inflatable.

Our bouncy castles with added slide come in party theme and jungle theme, both very colourful and eye-catching. For the toddlers and smaller age group, our 10ft x 12ft A frame bouncy castles and our inflatable play park is a fantastic choice.

Cream castles have an abundance of inflatables for hire in Rotherham to suit adult use. Of course these aren't limited to just adults but can be hired for children too. Our smaller adult capable inflatable unit is our 15ft x 15ft party themed bouncy castle.

Our adult inflatables get bigger and bigger every year. Last year ​we introduced our 15ft x 18ft celebrations bouncy castle to our inflatable hire fleet.

Our celebrations bouncy castle is also capable of becoming a disco inflatable. We add in our ion house party speaker with led disco lights integrated into the speaker. Our disco inflatables are a showstopper at any party and a hugely popular choice.

Our disco dome is definitely our flagship disco bouncy castle. A whopping 16ft x 20ft and a huge 600w powerful speaker pulsates inside.

This leads me onto some of our bespoke bouncy castles available to hire in Sheffield. This year will see a huge monster truck bouncy castle added to our ever growing fleet of inflatables. The monster truck features a slide situated at the front of the inflatable.

This monster truck bouncy castle is a real head turner and looks like the real thing. Blaze fans would love a monster truck themed bouncy castle at their party, what Blaze fan could resist a life sized Blaze monster truck bouncy castle.

Next on our bespoke list is our huge inflatable slide with a gigantic 12ft platform height. This inflatable slide stands at 17ft in total height and will fit on larger back gardens but suitable for many events too. The drop down the front of the slide is almost vertical and is a belly tickler even for adults.


Maybe this deserves the top position but safety and checking all inflatables are tested to current standards ​should be paramount on any companies list hiring bouncy castles in Sheffield and South Yorkshire. Cream castles inflatable hire fleet all have a safety test carried out annually.

A large portion of our inflatables are new and under twelve months old. This puts them under a manufacturer test and a certificate is supplied with each inflatable unit.

Once these tests run out, we then have a test carried out by a PIPA inspector. A blue circular badge is placed on the inflatables with a QR code and a badge number. This can be entered into the PIPA register, which will bring up all the details about the inflatable.

This tells you when the inflatable was tested and due date for a re-test, wether the inflatable has any repairs done and even the sizes and styles of the inflatable.

Cream castles take your children's safety very seriously indeed and will never cut corners or take any risks where safety is concerned. Whenever we hire a bouncy castle in Rotherham or South Yorkshire, we provide a booklet filled with lots of bouncy castle safety information.

Risk assessments and method statements are carried out at every event and signed off by the event organiser and us to be deemed safe.

Last but not least we have 5 million pound public liability cover for extra peace of mind. Cream castles want a safe but fun bouncy castle hire for every customer we supply our inflatables to.

Thank you for reading and hope this post helps you when choosing the right bouncy castle to hire for your party!

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